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DBL Photography - New Site Look & Feel

After thinking about this for a long time, I finally decided that I needed to migrate away from Joomla as a content management system in favor of WordPress. Honestly, Joomla is a very capable CMS geared for significant levels of customization. In my experience, the customization requires more time to implement than I have. Several features that are native to WordPress are only supported in a limited manner in Joomla without paying for a plugin such as posting via email. A few of the issues that drove my decision to change:

  • Lack of integration between the Administration Console and Front end UI
  • Module and plugin management is cumbersome
  • Implementation of categories and sections within Joomla 1.5 is limiting compared to categories and tags in WordPress
  • General system maintenance processes more time consuming than in WordPress

The biggest concern was my desire to implement e-commerce for selling my prints and other items. The research I performed only showed minimal Joomla plugin level integration with e-commerce vendors and those that did were really not geared for my needs, rather toward larger retail businesses selling a wide variety of products.

I hope the changes you see in the site presentation and user experience are welcomed.   More changes are coming as my time permits. First up is implementing an efficient shopping capability, then enhancements to the presentation of my work, and finally more posting related to my equipment, tools/techniques I use for processing, product reviews, and information on photographers that have inspired me.

Please let me know what you think about the changes to the site.