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Best Camera Series Kickoff

I recently stumbled across some blog entries by Chase Jarvis and others on Chase's Best Camera book, which is a book of images taken with his iPhone. I have the book on order as the concept really intrigued me. The concept revolves around the fact that they best camera is the one you have with you. Chase takes an insane about of images with his on a weekly basis, obviously enough to develop a book of images from it. If I remember correctly, over several thousand. While my SLR cameras give me a lot of control and capability, the burden of keeping that equipment at the ready is just not possible in daily life. I purchased a point and shoot a few months ago to get into the habit of having some type of camera with me regularly. Additionally, having a camera phone means I have a camera with me almost always, which permits me to get shots when I would normally not have the ability.

So to continue to push myself to do more photography this year, I plan to post 1 image a week from my Best Camera which could be one any number of digital or film cameras I own. To get things started off, here is an image I took with my cell phone, a 3mp Samsung Rogue. It does have a minor amount of cleanup in Lightroom.