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Photowalk 1 of 52 for 2010

So I have begun my photowalks for the year. Due to the life being so busy, I was not able to really get out for a real walk, but was able to get another project a bit under control with this photowalk. I needed to take some images of my workshop to help me organize all the tools and supplies. Along the way, I found some interesting items that intrigued me. Being a fairly dusty environment, the DSLR was not an option I wanted to focus on, so I used my Canon S90 Point and Shoot camera. (I plan to put up a mini review of the S90 in the next couple of weeks.)

One of the shots I really liked showed the dust that accumulates on tools in the shop. Having just cut a bunch of pine for an art file cabinet I am building, dust was everywhere. I really like the texture of the dust and detail I was able to achieve using the macro mode of the S90.