DBL Photography - Images from life and things that intrigue me.

There are so many wonderful things that we take for granted on a daily basis.  We look but rarely take the time to truly see.

My goal with this website is to provide others with an opportunity to see some of the things in life that intrigued me, caused me to pause and take a photograph.

Photography captures the moment in time, but can also capture the essence of that moment, as well as transcend to a higher level of meaning, ultimately conveying a message to the viewer.

As you will see, some photographs were taken for the sole purpose of creating some level of art.  My hope is that my images will stir an emotion within the viewer, similar to the emotion within me, or for your own personal reasons.

While photography is not the way I make my living, it is my primary outlet for creativity and art.  Photography intrigues me because there are so many different areas of focus whether using traditional film or digital means.  Photography allows me to constantly build knowledge by challenging myself to learn new techniques within the image taking process, film processing, post processing with digital tools, and the many possibilities of presentation via electronic methods or physical printed products.

Take some time to look around and come back soon to see the new items I have added to the website.

Hope you enjoy,